bring hope and healing to the people in Africa, El Salvador and Haiti.


Mentor Leaders offers short ­term mission opportunities and internships designed to expose groups and individuals to a cause greater than themselves.  Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll be trained, equipped and challenged to step out of your comfort zone and, most importantly, to bring hope and healing to the people in Gbentchal, Togo, El Monzon, El Salvador and Giotin, Haiti.


To apply, please click the “get started” button below and follow the instructions. Once the application form and $100 non­refundable application fee have been submitted online, a signed, notarized travel release form must be mailed to the address listed on the form.


Raise awareness and funds for your trip. First, download and print this Printable Poster PDF and share it with your church and friends. Second, we will assist you in setting up a free online fundraising page for your trip. We also recommend that you send letters to family, friends, and businesses to help in this process. There are many other ways you can maximize raising awareness and funds for your trip. Be creative!

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You can download a PDF Poster here

Joshua Howerton

I had never experienced such an intense emotion of love and acceptance as I did my first hour in Giotin. I learned how to love unconditionally, how to be joyful in an unfamiliar place with few possessions, and how to let my walls down and play like one of them. I learned to love others, even if that love is not reciprocated. 


Hope Donham

My trip to Togo was the most incredible experience I could ever have in this life. I was exposed to a love like I had never known. I loved on them, and in return they poured love in to me, and for that I am forever thankful. I can’t help but think THAT is the kind of love Jesus desires for us to share. Their joy and faith changed my heart and as a result- my life. I can guarantee you one thing, you will not regret stepping out and taking this journey.


John Michael Gibson

Going to Giotin, Haiti took a leap of faith. I had always heard of the darkness surrounding Haiti which made me fearful to go. However the Lord kept making it evident that I needed to be there and my first trip was nothing short of amazing. I have been four times since and plan on continuing to go. God is truly breaking chains in Giotin, Haiti!