Our Purpose

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Spiritual aid is necessary in areas where the Gospel is not preached. There are people all over the world without any vision, opportunity, or hope. Our deepest desire in each community we work with is to offer them hope that extends beyond this lifetime. This is achieved through evangelism. We work to reach the farplaces and introduce lost communities to the message of the gospel. A people without the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice are a people in spiritual crisis.


Spiritual restoration begins with the acceptance of the good news. It is the surrendering of one’s life to the Lord and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. After this acceptance, discipleship is the next step. As someone comes to know Christ and realizes the depth of their need for Him and His sacrifice, community is key. This is where we work to fortify community and build one another up in Christ. They are taught the Scriptures and trained to apply them in their day-to-day lives. Discipleship is a necessary process in the walk of any Christian and fortifies the community from within to be Kingdom-minded.


When the local community reaches spiritual sustainability, they are making disciples. They are independent of foreign missionaries and are self-producing. This reaches beyond their own circle and into neighboring villages and communities. They have a passion for their partnership with all other believers in telling others of the good news of Christ. With reproduction, not the numbers but the zeal to spread the Gospel is the driving force.

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