December 19, 2018

Job 22:4-5

Job 22:4-5: “Will he reprove thee for fear of thee? Will he enter with thee into judgment? Is not thy wickedness great? And thine iniquities Infinite?”

Eliphaz thinks Job is presumptuous and arrogant, claiming to know the mind of God. Can you hear the jeering sarcasm in his voice as he asks Job these questions? Have you been acquainted with someone who made you feel like you didn’t know enough about the Lord? Was it their knowledge of the Scriptures, or the way they carried themselves, that made you feel inferior? How did you react to them? Did you develop a relationship with them, in spite of your initial discomfort? What about another perspective: have you ever (intentionally or not) made someone feel their faith was not as strong as yours? Have you ever reminded yourself that you are a sinner, no better (or worse) than the next person? When Eliphaz brings up Job’s wickedness and iniquities, is he trying to show he is Job’s equal, or is he attempting to turn the tables and ascend to the superior position? Why are these considerations important? How did Christ demonstrate His superiority to those around Him? Does your behavior reflect His?

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