January 12, 2019

Job 22:28-30

Job 22:28-30: “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, ‘There is lifting up;’ and ‘he shall save the humble person.’ He shall deliver the island of the innocent: and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hands.”

The “wisdom” of Eliphaz is alive today: get yourself cleaned up—make yourself pure and righteous—and everything else will start going your way. In fact, once you have become godly enough, you will rise to the top of the heap! Everyone will want to follow you and be just like you. Can you think of prominent figures who “worked” their way to this type of position? The light of fame and popularity shines on many who have cultivated an image of purity and righteousness. These “leaders” are no better than anyone else, but they wield the imaginary power to lift people up. They even feign humility as they claim to be the hands of the Lord, doing His will while living in comfort and luxury. How does the wisdom of Eliphaz compare to the foolishness Paul writes about?

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